The Honchos Story

The Honchos story began with the takeover of an existing store in Langalibalele Street in the heart of the bustling KwaZulu-Natal capital, Pietermaritzburg and had been a registered company since 2005. The following three years saw an additional 3 stores being opened in the City and Honchos now boasts an impressive 19 stores throughout KwaZulu-Natal and there are plans to introduce their unique flavours to the rest of the country by opening many more stores in the near future.
With their potent combination of great tasting flame grilled chicken, passionate service and pride, Honchos quickly became a favourite in the City of Choice especially amongst the youth and University students who have loyally followed the brand from their formative schooling years. These youth have now introduced their family and friends to the great tasting, quality meals prepared at Honchos.
Honchos offer its customers good value for money meals that they can trust, knowing that they have a made an “intelligent” buy.  The Honchos brand is fun, sincere and yet humble, providing a pleasant alternative. The strong following of patrons stems from their huge meal portions and the fact that Honchos prides themselves on providing exceptional quality meals with incredible value and coupled by outstanding and exceptional service.
A new venture at their Pietermaritzburg, Scottsville, branch has seen them introduce a bakery to the store, famous for its loaves, buns and rolls and other patisserie treats for those with a taste for the the sweeter things in life. The breads and pastries are all baked on the premises. Quality, taste, uniqueness, and freshness have always been their hallmark.
So why not drop by for your next meal?

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